Wendy Hines is the mother of Staff Sargent Benjamin Hines.  Her roots lie in New York, and she was raised in a family that has a strong connection to the military. Her father served in WWII, her brothers served in various capacities in the Navy, and her nephew served in the Air Force. Benjamin served as a Marine and completed two missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. Wendy’s children, and husband, are at the core of everything she strives to accomplish in life, and this foundation is a way to give back and continue the values that Benjamin’s life embodied.

She is an entrepreneur in her professional life and would like to use her business intellect to continue bringing positive impact, and support, to the families of our fallen heroes, our military, and our first responders. Family, Country, Faith, and Education. These core values are the framework of her passion to honor the ultimate sacrifice that Benjamin, and so many others, have paid for this great country.

No greater Love…

Introducing Wendy Hines, President

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