Meghan Hines is SSGT Benjamin Hines’ sister. Her family has roots in the military tracing back to when her grandfather was a POW in WWII. Growing up with Benjamin, she always knew he would someday become a Marine and serve with the following in mind, others before yourself. Meghan is inspired by her brother day to day to serve others and to step in for those who are most vulnerable.

Professionally Meghan works for the Navy as a contractor, continuing to engage with the military in some capacity. Her goal is to volunteer and work with children and youth to help them learn the key values her brother Benjamin instilled in her and those who knew him. Benjamin paid the ultimate sacrifice, and it will be honored by the way those who loved him live out their lives through things such as this foundation. Benjamin’s life is one of many who will never be forgotten. (John 15:13)

Introducing Meghan Hines, Vice-President

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